Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)
Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)
Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)
Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)
Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)

    Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)


      Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar for Dogs

      A pet friendly shampoo bar for dogs and horses. The combination of neem, tea tree, oatmeal & coconut oil helps with skin problems, fungal infections & fleas, and lavender is gentle on sensitive skin. This unique shampoo is pH balanced for dogs to leave fur soft & shiny. Made in New Zealand from biodegradable, sustainably sourced, nourishing plant based ingredients. Please note, due to essential oil content this shouldn't be used on your cat. 

      Each bar weighs 110g and gives the same amount of washes equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo (depending on the length of hair).

      You are making a difference

      • Vegan; plant based ingredients.
      • Plastic free! #giveupthebottle
      • Each bar you use is the equivalent to at least three bottles of the equivalent. This means on average, every bar saves just under 1L of water. 
      • Cruelty free; Certified by two independent organisations; CCF Australia and PETA.
      • NZ’s highest scoring B Corporation.
      • Carbon neutral business. #keepintheground
      • Honest Trading (also known as Fair Trade).
      • Living wage employer.
      • Palm oil free.


      • Leaves your pet smelling fresh!
      • Neem, tea tree and coconut oil help with skin problems.
      • Oatmeal soothes sensitive skin.
      • For soft and shiny fur.
      • Super concentrated; a little goes a long way.
      • pH balanced.
      • Soap free.
      • 100% naturally-derived ingredients and they are all biodegradable.
      • Kind to your body, the environment and your wallet!

      Packaging is plastic free and compostable with no chemical coatings. All boxes and labels will degrade in both the landfill or compost bin. You can also recycle them. They’re made in NZ from PEFC-certified paper stock from sustainably sourced forestry. Zero waste for the bars; use them up! Ethique dog shampoo solid plastic free no waste

      Ethique is an award-winning international beauty brand, hailing from New Zealand. They are on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and to date have stopped over 3.3 million plastic bottles from being made & disposed of into landfills. With bars for your hair, body, face, laundry... and even your dog! Ethique is making it easy for you to go plastic free and #giveupthebottle with their plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable bars.

      "We have two dogs (German Shepherd with lots of long hair, and a heeler mixed breed with shorter hair) and this bar makes washing them so easy. I used to use liquid shampoo for dogs but never again! This bar lathers up beautifully and smells great. The dogs have had issues with their skin from other types of shampoo but haven't had any problems with the Bow Wow bar. It leaves their fur so soft and clean. Amazing product, definitely highly recommend it!"


      How to use: 

      • Wet your dogs coat and the bar.
      • Slide the bar from root to tip 3-4 times. 
      • Put the bar down and massage shampoo into fur to lather.
      • Rinse thoroughly.
      • Always keep your bar dry after use to optimise number of washes.
      • Remember only a little is required!
      • For external use only. We recommend patch testing before use.

      Ethique bow wow solid shampoo bar waste free

      What's More...

      Each Ethique product purchased supports Agape in Action's Health and Nutrition program.      

      This Health and Nutrition program supports the children in Kenya and India with simple and cost efficient measures to promote health and prevent disease. This program includes feminine hygiene kits for girls, health promotion tools, and school based nutrition programs. 

      Giving is not just a side-gig, it's the heart of soul of this business. James & Deb, the founders of Goods that Give, are also the founders and directors of the international charity Agape in Action. Goods that Give is a social enterprise donating 50% of all profits to charity.   

      Each Ethique product purchased supports Agape in Action's Health and Nutrition program
      Each Ethique product purchased supports Agape in Action's Health and Nutrition program