Eco-friendly Products That Are Good For You And Our Planet

Goods That Give is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products in Australia. We offer products that are safe for you and the environment. Browse from thousands of reusable, zero waste, ethical, vegan, organic, plastic-free, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Looking for a gift for a friend or a loved one? We have plenty of eco-friendly gits including eco-friendly gift cards, cruelty-free and vegan gifts, sustainable gift hampers and bundles, and so much more!

We can fight pollution by purchasing eco-friendly products! Goods That Give is an eco store that offers sustainable and environment-friendly products with free Australia-Wide Shipping and affordable Express Shipping.

Sustainable Products You Can Buy Today

No Tox Life Dish Block® Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar - HUGE


Ethique Shampoo Bar Pinkalicious - Solid shampoo for normal hair (110g)


Ethique Bodywash Bar Lime & Ginger (120g)


CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Kit


Organic Cotton Produce Bags (7 bag set)


Bamboo Facial Pads


Stainless steel lunchbox - LARGE with compartments



What Makes A Product Sustainable?

For a product to be sustainable, it must be possible to produce, use and dispose of it in a way that doesn't cause harm to human beings and the environment. If the production and/or use of a product results in harm to people, animals or society, damages the environment or requires non-renewable resources, the product is usually considered environmentally unsustainable.

We Provide Families In Australia With Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Reusable And Plastic-free Alternatives

Our goal is to help everyone make better choices. We want the world to be a better place and want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We’re proud to be a business that is driving the change we want to see in the world. At Goods That give, we find products that are better for us, better for nature, and most importantly - better for our planet and future generations.

Why Choose Us?

We Care for You And Our Planet

All our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and plastic-free. None of our products has been tested on animals. All our products are free from artificial chemicals and synthetic fragrances

Best Eco-friendly Products and Gifts in Australia

We offer only the best eco-friendly products available in Australia. We only work with sellers who have a solid reputation for looking after the interests of their customers and the environment. Most of our suppliers are small businesses that make eco-friendly products using natural ingredients. All our products are packaged in safe, reusable and compostable materials.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Goods That Give, we don’t rest until our customers are happy and satisfied with the products and services we offer. If you are not happy, we are not happy! For this reason, if you encounter any problem with any of our products, we are here to help until a solution is found.

Eco-friendly Products FAQs


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You have the option to 'set and forget' through our subscription option. You are always in control. Set the shipping frequency according to your needs. You can pause shipments, change their frequency, or cancel completely at any time. What's more, you save 10% on all orders when you subscribe. Look for the "Subscribe & Save" option under qualifying products.

Product Pairing

We are proud to donate 50% of all profits to our partner charity Agape in Action.

Ethical products. Unbeatable prices. Socially conscious.
We are a company run by volunteers passionate about the environment and helping people in need.

Every product you purchase is paired to one of three charity programs supporting kids and communities
in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, India, Vietnam and Vanuatu.

Since 2007 over $15 million has been raised by our sister charity Agape in Action

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