Eco-Friendly Pet Products For Your Furry Friends

We all love our pets, but the pet industry is a huge contributor to environmental pollution. As one of the largest contributors to landfills and air pollution globally, the pet industry has a big problem on its hands. Our vision is to create a greener future for our furry friends. We want pets to live healthier lives, and we want the planet to be cleaner because of it. Here at Goods that Give, our goal is to help pet owners find eco-friendly pet products for their lovable, furry friends. We have a collection of organic dog shampoo, organic dog conditioner, and other natural animal products. Shop now for organic pet products and help us create a cleaner, healthier future for our furry friends!


Ethique Dogs Solid Shampoo Bow Wow Bar - (110g)


Ethique Dogs Solid Conditioner Pawfector - (60g)


Sustainable And Organic Pet Supplies

Our best-selling Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar for dogs makes bath time a breeze! The neem and tea tree in this bar help combat skin problems, fungal infections and fleas, while the oatmeal nourishes your pup's dry fur. Made from plant-based ingredients, this bar is gentle enough for everyday use and biodegradable when finished.

When paired with Ethique Solid Conditioner bar, boost your pooch's natural beauty and take those snuggles up another level! Made with cocoa butter, Honest Trading Samoan coconut oil, and lemongrass for a fresh scent, this bar deep conditions their fur to help stop that annoying shedding. 100% plant-based, it is perfectly formulated with dogs in mind because it's pH balanced.

Both are made only from biodegradable ingredients sourced sustainably in New Zealand - Ethique is proud to be vegan and certified cruelty-free. Ethique formulations are free of parabens, harsh chemicals, palm oil (and its derivatives) and plastic microbeads because we think that you shouldn't have to choose between what's good for the planet and what's good for your pet's coat and fur.

Green Pet Products Australia

Green living is important to you, and so are your pets. You want the best for them, even if it means making a few compromises. But what if we tell you that you don't have to compromise, and you can have the best of both worlds? You don't have to sacrifice your pet's comfort to go green. Our eco-friendly dog products in Australia work even better than their traditional counterparts.

We're committed to both animal welfare and the environment, and we want to bring you eco-friendly dog products that will keep your furry friends clean and healthy without breaking the bank. We only source our ingredients from sustainable sources and never test them on animals.

Whether you're looking for organic dog shampoo Australia offers, or just a more sustainable option, we're sure to have exactly what you need. Our range of green pet products has everything you need to take care of your pets and the planet in a single sweep. Get yours and shop now and take advantage of our free shipping for ALL orders above $69.

We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth & Hobart, with different regional depots found all across the country.


Sustainable Pet Products FAQs

Is eco-friendly safe for dogs?

Yes! We would never recommend anything that goes against animal rights or safety. In fact, our eco pet products are often much better for dogs and other animals than their toxic counterparts.

Where to find green pet products?

We're one of very few sustainable pet product stockists in Australia. We offer only the best eco-friendly dog shampoo, conditioner, and other treatment products available on the market today. You may shop online or visit one of our regional depots all across the country.

What is the best natural shampoo for dogs?

It depends on your dog's needs. However, we always recommend our own Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar. It's gentle enough for everyday use, and it's made with plant-based ingredients with the right pH balance so it won't dry your pet's skin or fur.

Can I wash my dog with organic shampoo?

Absolutely. A lot of pet owners don't even realise they can wash their dogs with organic shampoo and other green products! You'll be surprised at how clean and soft your dog's fur will feel afterwards, too.

What is organic dog shampoo?

Organic dog shampoo is made with certified organic ingredients only. These products are often more gentle and effective than traditional pet shampoos, and they're better for the environment as well.