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About Us

We are a social enterprise. Our purpose is very simple; to support children and families living in poverty. We do this by selling environmentally friendly products and channelling 50% of all profits to our charity Agape in Action.

Supporting needy children and families is the easy part for us. We are the founders and directors of an international charity called Agape in Action. Agape in Action is a registered charity in Australia, Canada and the United States. Proceeds from the products we sell through Goods that Give is provided to Agape in Action, where 100% of the money goes to the projects and people in the field.

Since 2017, Agape in Action has raised over $15 million to support our projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, India, Vietnam, and Vanuatu. 

Goods that Give was started in 2019  to support Agape in Action while addressing another of our passions; caring for the environment. We want to help people reduce or eliminate the use of disposables and plastics in everyday use. 

We've matched the products we supply through Goods that Give, with related products that alleviate poverty and hardship in the countries we work.

Lunchboxes support
our Agape in Action's Nutrition Program  

Water Bottles and Coffee Cups support
Agape in Action's Water Program 

Produce Bags support
Agape in Action's Agricultural Program 

Every purchase helps real people with real needs. 

Got an idea for a eco-product? Let us know.

Thanks for your support.