Eco-friendly products for the home kitchen


Stainless steel lunchbox - LARGE with compartments


Organic Cotton Produce Bags (7 bag set)


Stainless steel lunchbox - MEDIUM with compartments


Stainless Steel Mini Containers


No Tox Life Dish Block® Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar - Free of Dyes and Fragrance


Reusable & Organic Food Pockets - Cotton (4MyEarth)


Organic Beeswax wrap


Stainless Steel Round Containers - 3 sizes (150ml, 280ml & 500ml)


Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf


No Tox Life Casa Agave™ Dish Brush - Long Handle


Ecobud Replacement Filter Cartridge for Gentoo Life Water Filter Jug


Stainless steel lunchbox - MEDIUM no compartments


Ecobud Gentoo Glass Life Water Filter Jug


Silicone Food Covers Set of 6


Reusable Cotton Bread Bag (4MyEarth)


Ever Eco Reusable Silicone Food Pouches (2 x 1.0L)


Stainless steel lunchbox - SMALL no compartments


Ever Eco Stainless Steel Stackable Bento Box (3 piece set)


Bamboo Cutlery


6pc Reusable straw set with drawstring pouch


Ever Eco Reusable Silicone Food Pouches (2 x 1.5L)


CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Kit


Ever Eco Stainless Steel Bento Box (3 compartment, 580ml)


Coconut Husk Multipurpose Cleaning Brush


Ever Eco Stainless Steel Bento Box (1 compartment, 580ml)


NIULIFE Coconut Shell Bowl (Natural or Polished)


Reusable Organic Food Cover Set - Cotton (4MyEarth)


CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets


CHANGE Glass Cleaning Kit


CHANGE Glass Cleaning Tablets


Ever Eco Safety Razor Matte Black


Reusable Food Wrap - Cotton (4MyEarth)


Organic Food Bag - Cotton (4MyEarth)


Bamboo Spork


CHANGE Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets