Ethique Bodywash Bar Sweet Orange & Vanilla (120g) - Goods that Give
Ethique Bodywash Bar Sweet Orange & Vanilla (120g) - Goods that Give
Ethique Bodywash Bar Sweet Orange & Vanilla (120g) - Goods that Give

    Ethique Bodywash Bar Sweet Orange & Vanilla (120g)


      Ethique Bodywash Bar, Sweet Orange & Vanilla

      A luxurious, vegan bodywash bar that is sweet, tangy and creamy. A great alternative to bottled body wash.

      Not only does solid bodywash use less packaging and require less water to produce, they are also one of the easiest eco swaps to make. Like all Ethique products, our bodywashes are made of biodegradable, sustainably sourced, naturally-derived and palm oil free ingredients. Does this impact the effectiveness of the wash? No way! Our bars are still deliciously bubbly and non-drying and we just know you’ll love them.

      This one is for those of you with a sweet tooth. Vanilla is creamy, sweet and delicious, with a hit of sweet orange oil to lighten it up, but never overpower it.

      • Plastic-free container, no excess packaging
      • Sweet, Tangy and Creamy
      • Great for all skin types
      • Sustainable and palm oil free
      • Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan

          Ethique is an award-winning international beauty brand, hailing from New Zealand. They are on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and to date have stopped over 3.3 million plastic bottles from being made & disposed of into landfills. With bars for your hair, body, face, laundry... and even your dog! Ethique is making it easy for you to go plastic free and #giveupthebottle with their plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable bars.

          "Yummy! Smells delicious and foams right up with my loofa. Would never go back to liquid body wash now!"


          How to use: 

          • Wet your skin and the bar.
          • Rub the bar across your body the same as you would a bar of soap.
          • Alternatively can be used with a loofah or konjac sponge.
          • Rinse with warm water.
          • Always keep your bar dry after use to optimise number of washes.
          • For external use only. We recommend patch testing before use.

          What's More...

          Each Ethique product purchased supports Agape in Action's Health and Nutrition program.      

          This Health and Nutrition program supports the children in Kenya and India with simple and cost efficient measures to promote health and prevent disease. This program includes feminine hygiene kits for girls, health promotion tools, and school based nutrition programs. 

          Giving is not just a side-gig, it's the heart of soul of this business. James & Deb, the founders of Goods that Give, are also the founders and directors of the international charity Agape in Action. Goods that Give is a social enterprise donating 50% of all profits to charity.   


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