CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets
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    CHANGE Multipurpose Cleaning Tablets


      Multipurpose cleaning tablets

      Each tablet makes 300ml of cleaning solution. 

      The tablets are concentrated cleaning solution. By adding warm water the tablet dissolves and creates the cleaning product. No more plastic waste. As the tablets are lightweight, the carbon footprint in the distribution and production of the product is greatly reduced. 

      These glass cleaning tablets can be used in any cleaning bottle. Add 300mls of warm water, pop a tablet in and there you have another cleaner without buying more single-use plastic.

      If you need a long lasting reusable spray bottle, you can get one right HERE. 

      Two tablet refill options: 

      • 4 tablets (making 1.2L)
      • 8 tablets (making 2.4L)

      All change products are cruel free. No animals have been harmed in the production of CHANGE - only germs.

      The Multi-purpose cleaner is effective in removing grease and grime in the kitchen and bathroom.

      CHANCE is an Australian owned company. 

      change multipurpose refill tablets

      Product Features

      • Quickly dissolves and removes odours with the power of effervescent technology.
      • Multi-Purpose cleaning tablet that cuts through grease, kills germs and bacteria.
      • Powerful formula removes grease and grime with ease
      • Each tablet makes 300ml of cleaning solution.
      • Ammonia and Chlorine free
      • Minimal plastic packaging

      How to use.

      Pour 300ml of warm water into a spray bottle. Drop in the CHANGE tablet. Leave for 5 minutes or until fully dissolved. Spray 15-20cm from the surface for a deep clean that removes tough stains and odours without harsh chemical or scrubbing. 

      change multipurpose refill tablets

        "Very effective. I love the whole philosophy behind the change products and the added bonus is that it's actually cheaper than most cleaning products at the supermarket! I couldn't wait to pop the tablet in my new spray bottle. After a short wait, my window cleaner was ready to use!Genevieve

          change multipurpose cleaning kit

             "Best Cleaner! Perfect product for household cleaning as it's anti-bacterial and rips through dirt and stains."




              • Alkaline Salts (<20%) 
              • Berol 226SA (<10%)
              • PEG 150 (<10%) 
              • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (<1%) 


              What's More...

              Each Purchase of Change products supports Agape in Action's Health and Nutrition program.    

              This Health and Nutrition program supports the children with simple and cost efficient measures to promote health and prevent disease. This program include dental health and hygiene - toothbrushes and dental checkups for children living in extreme poverty. 

              Giving is not just a side-gig, it's the heart of soul of this business. James & Deb, the founders of Goods that Give, are also the founders and directors of the international charity Agape in Action.

              Goods that Give is a social enterprise donating 50% of all profits to charity.   

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