Which Dishwashing Block is the best for washing your dishes?

by James Flint on September 29, 2020

Everyone is more or less becoming accustomed to using soaps in liquid forms. A lot of people prefer liquid soaps over soap bars when it comes to showering, hand wash, and even in dishwashing. However, more and more people are switching to using soap or blocks over liquids. When asked, many reply that soap bars work better for them.  

But what makes soap Bars better than liquid soaps when it comes to dishwashing? Let’s find out!

No tox life dishwashing soap block bar plastic free kitchen

Advantages of Using Soap Bar:

  • A huge amount of soap is spent with every wash. However, soap bars can be very cost-effective. Soap bars are much cheaper than their liquid counterparts, and you can get a lot of soap bars at the same price as one bottle of liquid soap.
  • Another huge plus point with soap bars is that it’s very hard to waste them. When it comes to liquid soap, it’s easy to pour more soap than you need, but the same isn’t true when it comes to soap bars. These soaps are very cost-effective, and you’ll hardly end up wasting them.
  • These are really environment-friendly. Unlike liquid soaps, soap bars don’t come in plastic bottles, and as we all know, plastic is very harmful to our environment. Instead, soap bars come in paper or cardboard packaging that is environmentally friendly.
  • As soap bars have been around longer, there are obviously more options available for soap bars than liquid soaps. You’ll get a variety of products to meet your requirements, which is always appreciated.
  • The lather produced by a soap bar is easier to wash off than the one produced by liquid soap.

As you can see, soap bars are better than liquid soaps in every way. These are not only cheaper, but they offer better features as well! 

No tox life dishwashing block plastic free kitchen

How to Use Soap Bars to Wash Dishes

A lot of people ask us about the right way of washing dishes with a soap bar. We decided that today we’ll cover that as well. This is how you do it:

  1. Put all the dishes in hot water for soaking.
  2. While the dishes are soaking in hot water, you should rub the soap bar on a small and wet towel.
  3. Pick a dish up that’s been soaking, and start cleaning it with the side of the towel you rubbed the soap on.
  4. Clean the dish with clear water directly from the faucet.
  5. Leave the dish on the drainer when it’s completely clean, and repeat the process with other dishes.
  6. Rub the towel on the bar of soap once in a while so that the soap doesn’t run out.

Note that you shouldn’t rub the soap directly against the dishes. This will only deform the soap, and there’s a big chance of wasting a lot of soap.

Factors to Look into Before Buying Soap Bars

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at how you can select the perfect bar of soap for dishwashing. There are some factors that distinguish good soap from a bad one, and we’ll take a look into that. Here are the factors you should consider before buying a soap bar for dishwashing:


The first thing that will be visible to you is how hard the soap is. Remember, the harder the soap, the better your experience will be. Why? The hardness of the soap depends on its density. If the soap is hard, it means that it’s denser, and the denser the soap is, the longer it will last.

Have you ever used a soap that melts like butter? These soaps are not dense at all, and they are very hard to use as well. Then again, you may accidentally leave your soap immersed in water. If that’s a dense soap, it will not melt away, but if it’s not a dense one, it’ll surely melt. So, you should always consider buying hard soaps. 

Cleansing Ability

Duh! You’re looking for the best soap because you need a soap that can clean your dishes in the shortest time, and with the most efficiency. However, most people don’t take this into account when buying soap, and they mostly look at the brand, fragrance, and outlook of the soap, which is very ironic.

Let us explain it to you. There are two functions that a bar of soap has to perform. Firstly, there’s a part of soap that attracts water, and secondly, there’s a part that attracts oil. Now, if the balance between these ingredients is disrupted, you might end up with a soap that doesn’t attract oil, in which case you’ll end up with a weak soap. Or, the soap’s oil attracting ability may be too much, which will irritate your skin a lot. That’s why you should always look for a soap that offers a balance between the ingredients. 


There are two types of lather. A soap can form both foamy lather and bubbly lather, and the best soaps will have a balance of both types. Moreover, it’s necessary that the soap has a consistent lather throughout its lifetime. Maybe you’ve noticed that some soap bars lather well during the initial uses, but they start to fizzle out once they’ve been used up to a certain point.

A rich, creamy lather is very important for dishwashing as it’s not only fun to use, but it can clean your dishes more efficiently. So, you better look out for this factor when you’re buying a bar of soap for dishwashing. 


Last but not the least, we’ll be talking about the fragrance of your soap. A lot of people like fragrances, and there are a lot who don’t. This is completely a matter of personal choice, and you should take the type you like most. You’ll get a lot of soaps in the market that don’t come with any fragrance, and when it comes to dishwashing, we prefer these soaps more.

There’s a reason why we don’t recommend soaps with fragrance. These fragrances tend to stick around for some time, and if you use that plate in a few hours or so, that fragrance may bother you. However, if you prefer to have nice-smelling dishes, you can pick soaps with fragrances by all means.

The Best Soap Bar for Washing Dishes

Finding the right bar of soap for dishwashing can be a tough job, and we’re sure that the aforementioned points only complicates things for you. However, to save you from that peril, we have done the digging and found the best bars of soap for dishwashing. Now, we’ll tell you why we have grown a fancy for this particular soap, and what makes it the best soap for dishwashing.

no tox life dishwashing block bar best top rated

No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block

If you’re looking for a dishwashing bar of soap that’s not only amazing at cleaning, but smells good, is vegan, and free from all sorts of toxic chemicals as well, then the No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block is definitely the best choice for you. 

The No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block Soap is truly an amazing product. It offers the perfectly balanced lather that’s rich and foamy. This allows the soap to help you wipe your dishes clean with a single swipe. This soap is strong enough to clean any sort of grease and grime, whether you’re cleaning your plates or your pots and pans. 

Furthermore, the soap is enriched with Aloe Vera so that it’s not harsh on your skin. Usually, dishwashing soaps tend to be very harsh on the skin; thus our skin begins to experience irritation after some time. However, with the No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block, you’ll face no such problem. You can use this soap for a long time without suffering from any consequences at all.

No matter what you want to wash, you can do so with this amazing, sudsy soap. The No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block can be used to clean dishes, pots, pans, bowls, spoon, cups, glasses, etc. with extreme care. The soap contains no toxic chemicals, and no matter what type of dishes you use, they won’t be damaged or get discolored. 

This amazing soap can be used for other purposes as well! If you’re short of laundry soap, you can use the No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block. If you need to clean your carpet, you can use it too. If you ever need to take a label off your pot, you can use this soap too! The fact that this is a multipurpose soap makes it even better!

Not only that, but you can wash your hands with this as well! As mentioned earlier, this soap is free from any toxic chemicals, is made of vegan ingredients, and is very light on the skin. Due to these attributes, the soap can be used for handwashing effectively, which you can’t do with any other dishwashing soap. 

The No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block soap comes with no artificial fragrance, which is what most people prefer. The soap does offer a scent of coconut, but this scent is very light, and it won’t stick to your dishes for a very long time. This isn’t a major point, but it’s a plus, for sure!

The best part is that you can use this soap for a long time. If you’re using a dishwasher too, a single bar of No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block can last up to six months! If you aren’t using a dishwasher, the soap will last even longer!

The product isn’t that expensive either. It’s available at an affordable price, and as you can use it for a long time, you can consider it as a solid investment. 

The only downside to using this soap is that it’s handmade, and it may come out imperfect in shape. For example, some of the products might have fissures, chipping, or a bit of roughness. However, that shouldn’t matter to you as this product offers the important things anyway.

Another note that the manufacturers provide is that you shouldn’t use a strong scrubber with this soap. This will wear your soap out very fast, which is something you don’t want. 

Product Features:

  • Made with vegan ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals
  • Very light on the skin
  • Other than dishwashing, this multipurpose soap is suitable for use as a stain remover, carpet cleaner, and hand soap for the kitchen as well
  • Offers a weak scent of coconut and zero artificial fragrances
  • Suitable for cleaning all sorts of kitchenware
  • Lasts a very long time


In this article, we’ve tried to cover everything there is to know about soap bars for dishwashing. We’ve elaborated on why a soap bar is better than liquid soaps, how you should use a soap bar for cleaning, how you can differentiate between a good and a bad soap, and at last, we suggested the best soap bar for dishwashing. 

In our opinion, the No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block is the best soap bar for washing dishes that you can find out there. If you feel otherwise, you’re most welcome to choose any other product over this one. However, remember to make sure that the soap you’re choosing has the attributes we mentioned above. Without a perfect balance of these attributes, the soap won’t be able to perform well. 

We’ll end today’s article with another pro tip. Your sink is likely to get dirty after cleaning your dishes multiple times. You can always use the suds of the No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block to clean the sink effectively. This works with stainless steel, porcelain, stone, as well as glass sinks. In fact, a lot of people have cleaned the oven top and had good results in that case as well!