5 Sustainable Food Packaging Ideas You Can Try

by James Flint on June 10, 2022

5 Sustainable Food Packaging Ideas You Can Try 

Switching to biodegradable food packaging will help you access the best foods. Bio packaging can be healthy and trendy at the same time. Compostable packaging helps give a business a unique identity in the market. You do not need to change everything at once. Order product samples and request redesigning where need be. Sustainable packaging may also require you to adjust your prices.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is packaging that has reduced the negative impact on the environment. This type of packaging also considers both social and economic factors of the people it serves.

Economically speaking, sustainable packaging naturally has very competitive pricing. The fact that packaging is labelled "eco-friendly" does not necessarily mean that it is sustainable. Sustainable packaging can be done in several ways. This includes:

  • Checking the ingredients and making sure that they are raw materials or 100% recycled
  • Ensuring the packaging material is reusable and has an extended lifecycle
  • Having a minimalised production process and supply chain

Importance Of Sustainable Food Packaging

Studies have shown that 30% of customers make food purchases with their health and environment in mind. Are you unsure about the need for sustainable food packaging? Here are reasons why you should go for it.

1). Better For The Environment

Ecologically friendly food packaging creates a better environment by acting as non-contaminating material. Plastic plates and bottles can last more than a lifetime and harm underwater creatures when they end up in the ocean. It is not enough to have consumers care about their health and live in a contaminated environment.

2). Better Lifestyle

The use of plastics for food packaging can contaminate food leading to a higher risk of illnesses and disease. Some of these diseases include reproductive abnormalities, diabetes, and heart disease. Eco-friendly food packages use natural products that are not harmful to the body. Eco-friendly boxes keep you from all toxic chemicals and increase the quality of life in terms of mortality and immunity.

3). Saves On Costs

Bio packaging food helps packaging suppliers reduce the costs of production. In the initial stages, this may seem expensive, but in the long run, it attracts eco-conscious customers. Packaging suppliers should embrace plant-based packaging that is beneficial to both the environment and the supplier.

Did you know that the food production system was responsible for the emission of 18 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2015? With this in mind, compostable packaging remains the best packaging idea that will significantly reduce the pollution of the environment. Be part of the group committed to sustainable packaging to improve the quality of your health and environment.

Types Of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Are you often overwhelmed by numerous plastic food packaging and containers that you’re not sure how to dispose of? Or have you been looking for eco-friendly packages that you can use? These food packaging ideas are sure to help you out of the dilemma.

1). Gelatin

Films Gelatin films are non-toxic, reliable, and affordable. They have antimicrobial cellulose that does not support the growth of common pathogens. Gelatin's main fillers are rosin-grafted cellulose nanocrystals and microcrystalline cellulose.

2). Bamboo

Bamboo is suitable for food packaging due to its high durability and heat-resistant ability. Food containers not made from bamboo, however, are much less durable.

Sustainable Food Packaging Ideas You Can Try


3). Glass Containers

These offer you a combination of durability and reusability. They are also easy to recycle. Glass lids, however, are rarely leak-free, which means you may need to use plastic covers or bamboo lids. They have 3.5 times more durability compared to plastics.

4). Stainless Steel

Stainless steel food containers are rust-free, reusable, recyclable, durable, and heat resistant. They are the best options for retail packaging. Stainless steel lunch boxes are also readily available in most parts of the world. Storage jars made of stainless steel with airtight lids are best for storing uncooked foods.

5). Rice Husk

Rice husks are biodegradable, cheap, and renewable. They are suitable for making shatterproof bowls and sealable lunch boxes. Plastic food packages expose humans to toxins by transferring them to the foods. Studies have shown that eco-friendly packages reduce the transfer of toxins to foods. Though exposure to chemicals is unavoidable, you can significantly reduce it.

Sustainable Food Packaging Is The Best For You

Having an eco-friendly product in an eco-friendly package is a great choice. Consider making your products eco-friendly if they are not. Being eco-friendly gives you an advantage over your competitors if you are running a business. You can carry out campaigns to make sure people know about your environmental preservation efforts.

Keep your family healthy by buying sustainable food packages. Gradually replace plastic food packages by opting for eco-friendly packages the next time you purchase packed food. If you already have too many plastic containers, consider reusing them a few times before you can finally throw them in the rubbish, or recycling, bin.

Sustainable Packaging Products From Goods That Give

Using sustainable products benefits you and those around you. It also makes you part of the forward-thinking population. It also allows you to challenge your creativity by allowing you to explore endless ideas. Save the planet and improve your life by checking the products you use to pack food. It would help if you went a step further to enlighten and encourage your family and friends on the use and benefits of sustainable food packages.

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