6 School Essentials for Healthy, Eco-Friendly Lunches

by James Flint on September 08, 2020

Going green and being eco-friendly isn’t something that has to wait until you’re a certain age. Set your kids on the right track as eco-ambassadors and trend setters in their school. Their peers and teachers will definitely take note. 

Adopting sustainability as a practice needs to go beyond your school lunch. Incorporating sustainability in every walk of life is central to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some smart options to get your kids started. 

6 School Essentials for Healthy, Eco-Friendly Lunches

6. 4myEarth Food Bag

Product Description: Food bags make for handy lunch carriers. If you are trying to adopt an eco-friendly healthy lunch pack, you should definitely check out this exceptional offering by 4myEarth made following ethical code of conduct, and eco-friendly materials. It is perfect for carrying cheese, dry food, herbs, cookies, and more. That is to say; it is a great companion to a stainless steel lunch box.

The product is available in three different designs: flamingos, animals, and denim stripe. It also comes with zippers for easy opening, without creating a mess with the food inside.


  • It is made of 100% cotton canvas
  • BPA free, PVC free
  • Handmade in India
  • No nylon was used in the production process
  • FDA approved
4myEarth Food Bag

5. Stainless Steel Stackable Lunch Box

Product Description: Lunchboxes are a must bring to school, and if we can avoid using boxes made of hazardous materials, we’ll have taken a big leap forward.

That’s where this stainless steel lunch box by everEco comes in.

It is a space-efficient stacker that will allow you two carry three separate compartments in one box, offering you a full course meal in the lunch break in school. everEco understands the importance of a balanced diet and realises the challenges imposed during school days.

On top of that, the stainless steel lunch box has been made with environment-friendly materials and continues being eco-friendly even at service.


  • Made of premium food-grade stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • Not microwavable
  • Capacity: 1900 ml
Stainless Steel Stackable Lunch Box

4. Goods That Give Insulated Water Bottle

Product Description: Now, what can we do about back to school water bottles that will be healthy as well as eco-friendly? Goods That Give has come up with one of the most environment-conscious products in the market.

The product has double-walled insulation on the inside, keeping the temperature stable for an extensive period of time. You can carry water, juice, coffee, soup - whatever beverage or liquid food you need on this multitasking insulated water bottle. It is free of BPA, or nasty chemicals; you can expect nothing but the best from the product.


  • Holds a capacity of 500 ml
  • Cup holder friendly build
Goods That Give Insulated Water Bottle

3. 4myEarth Bread Bag

Product Description: If your kids are fond of sandwiches or bread toast and would like to carry them to school lunch, then this exceptional bread bag by 4myEarth will come handy as it is designed to store bread, baked goods, and sandwiches and keep them fresh for a long time. Not only bread, but this versatile bread bag can also carry fruits, dry food, nuts. And more.


  • Available in two designs: denim and love birds
  • Features zip closure
  • Made of 100% cartoon canvas
4myEarth Bread Bag

2. Olsen Beeswax Food Wrap

Product Description: Olsen has another fantastic offering that fits in our pockets, with dry food and fruits as well as pencils and crayons. Need a quick snack between classes? Check out our favorite multipurpose food pocket, and neatly store all your lunch essentials in it.

The product is available in two different styles: pina and cats, you can choose whichever that suits your child’s personality.

The beeswax food wrap is breathable and is supposed to keep your snack fresh for an extensive period of time. Moreover, it is 100% biodegradable, doing a huge favor for the environment.


  • Made of organic cotton
  • Breathable material
Olsen Beeswax Food Wrap

1. everEco Stainless Steel Round Container

Product Description: everEco is committed to environmentally friendly offerings, and the company has proven its loyalty to the commitment time and again. This steel round container lunchbox is yet another reason why we should rely on everEco for serving the best, both to the people and the environment.

The containers can be used separately or within a container; it is super useful in both ways. You can carry salads, sauce, snacks, and so much more on these easy to carry, lightweight containers. And the best part is that they come in a range of sizes, making space for all the courses.


  • Made from food-grade stainless steel with polypropylene lids
  • Containers can nest inside each other
  • Features leakproof lids
everEco Stainless Steel Round Container