5 Best Natural Skin Care Products

by James Flint on July 28, 2022

Natural Skin Care Products

For a long time, women have relied heavily on chemical-laden beauty products that negatively impact one’s skin and long-term health. However, that has changed in recent years, as more people become aware of eco-friendly beauty products. Natural skin care products protect and enhance our skin’s beauty while promoting healthy living across the board.

Do Natural Skincare Products Work?

While all-natural beauty products have been on the market for decades, their popularity has grown tremendously in recent years. This growth is in part thanks to the ‘natural’ tag. However, a question many people ask is, do natural skin care products work? Simply put, yes. The skin/body uses the molecules in the active ingredients to achieve a goal, like moisture retention.

All-natural skin care products tend to pack in a lot more active ingredients compared to traditional synthetic cosmetics. Notably, organic products lack the chemical preservative present in cosmetic products that harm one’s skin, body, immune system, and wellbeing.

Benefits of Switching to a Natural Skincare Products

1). Natural Skincare Products Are Devoid Of Harmful Ingredients

Synthetic skincare beauty products contain numerous harmful chemicals. Some chemicals cause skin irritation and allergies, while others are known carcinogens, organ toxicity, and developmental issues among babies.

Some of the chemicals known to cause skin and health issues include:

  • Quaternium-15, 18, and 26 (usually labelled as bronopol, methenamine, DMDM hydration, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHUT), imidazalidinyle urea, and sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate)
  • BHA and BHT
  • Phthalates
  • Lead
  • Siloxanes, Octinoxate, and Parabens, and
  • Carbon black 

2). Natural Products Can Soothe Skin Irritation 

Eco-friendly beauty products are inherently gentle on your skin since they use organic active ingredients. They not only nourish your skin and enhance your natural beauty, but they can also safeguard your health.

3). The Products Are More Effective Or Just As Effective As The Alternatives With The Benefits Of No Side Effects

Organic skin care products tend to have higher levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and prevent pigmentation while protecting your skin from free radicals. 

Importantly, organic skin care products contain up to 95% active ingredients. Organic skin care products are more effective with a higher concentration of antioxidants. 

4). They’re Cost-Effective In The Long Run 

By using the best natural skin care beauty products, you can cut out some of the traditional beauty products that are costly and add little to no value to your overall skin health. For instance, you can cut out filler from your skin care products cabinet, helping lower the cost of taking care of your skin. 

There is also a question of the number of active ingredients in every product. Legally, beauty product manufacturers are restricted on the number of active ingredients they can include in their products. The restrictions are designed to lower the risk of toxic exposure to chemicals. 

However, with all-natural beauty products, you don’t have to worry about toxic exposure to chemicals. As such, the manufacturers tend to pack more active ingredients into every product without risking your health. Ultimately, you get more bang for your buck with all-natural skin care products.

5). They Are A Sustainable Means Of Taking Care Of Your Skin 

Eco-friendly skincare products use organically sourced active ingredients. The organic nature of the active ingredients means that the manufacturers of the products do not pollute, or at the very least, create the least amount of air, water, and land pollution in our environment while manufacturing the product.

Natural Skin Care Products

6). Ample Products For Different Skin Concerns 

The all-natural skincare industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. The diversity and range of all-natural products are impeccable, partly due to increased consumer interest. And with increased interest, companies have made investments in creating all-natural skincare products that meet the needs of the masses and cover skin concerns.

7). Improves Your Overall Health 

While cosmetic products contain carcinogens, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and other chemicals that affect the overall wellbeing of your skin and immune system, all-natural skin care products are, indeed, healthy for you. The natural active ingredients improve the health of your skin, and in some cases, help to protect your immune system.

For instance, natural ingredients help your skin retain more moisture, improving its elasticity. Some natural ingredients help improve cell regeneration, further boosting your overall health

Eco-Friendly Skincare Products You Can Try

1). ORGAID Organic Sheet Mask Greek Yogurt, Anti-Aging + Vitamin C (Price - $49.95) 

This is the ultimate eco-friendly glow face mask. Every pack comes with two pairs of Greek Yogurt nourishing face masks, Vitamin C revitalising face masks, and Anti-aging and moisturising face masks. These face masks are designed to effectively deliver active ingredients to your skin while giving you an excellent user experience.

2). ORGAID Organic Sheet Mask Vitamin C & Revitalising 4x24ml (Price - $34.95)

If you’re looking to boost Vitamin C delivery to your skin, the ORGAID Sheet Mask Vitamin C is your best bet. These face masks deliver powerful antioxidants straight to your skin, enhancing collagen synthesis. Aside from Vitamin C, these face masks contain an ample amount of Orange Peel, Lavender, Pomegranate, Lemon, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rosehip. 

3). Sun And Earth Natural Tinted All Day Zinc Cream (Price - $19.95) 

This all-day cream protects your skin from harsh solar radiation. It contains Natural Zinc Oxide that protects your skin from UVA and UVB. The cream also contains a blend of cold pressed oils and beeswax that nourish your skin.

4). Ethique Face Sampler Pack (100g) (Price - $29.95) (

The Ethique Face Sample Pack comes with a range of facial care products that include:

  • The Bliss Bar 
  • Saving Face Serum 
  • The Perfector 
  • Bliss Bar 
  • Gingersnap – An excellent exfoliator 
  • In Your Face 

Packed in a simple and compact package perfect for travel, the Ethique Face Sampler Pack ensures you can take care of your skin even on the go.

5). Ethique Body Care Pack (100g) (Price - $24.95) 

The Ethique Body Care pack comes with a range of skincare products that include: 

  • Sweet Orange and Vanilla Crème Bodywash bar
  • The Ginger and Lime Body Polish for scrubbing and moisturising your skin
  • The Pumice, spearmint, and Teatree Bodywash
  • The Vanilla Butter and Sweet Orange block, and 
  • The Botanica deodorant.  

It’s the perfect body care pack to carry while travelling. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not a must to use cosmetic products made of synthetic ingredients to get your glow going. Using natural products will keep your skin looking going while also working wonders for overall health and wellbeing.

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